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Mind Body & Sole was founded in 2018 with the mission of inspiring young tap dancers across the country to be the best version of themselves.  With a focus on intense tap instruction, this 4-day training program will also focus on mental and physical wellness.  Dancers will split their days between tap classes with master teachers from across the country and wellness seminars with highly educated speakers.  Our goal is for attendees to leave feeling inspired, renewed, and in love with tap! 


A note from our director


My love of dance started internally.  I was too shy to even go across the floor by myself.  My first dance teacher patiently held my hand until I felt comfortable on my own.


I began training with Nick DiNicolangelo when I was 13.  His love of tap dancing shone through in his performance but also his students.  He encouraged me to take every opportunity to train and that lead me to week-long summer tap intensives.  These events truly ignited my love of tap dancing.  I got to spend a week training with people who loved it as much as I did.  I had a community.  Still shy, these events helped me break internal barriers.

If you had stripped down the hours of technique classes, the six minutes of choreography I had learned and rehearsed, the sore feet and box of bandaids I had emptied, you would find a dancer who began to feel confident in her own skin.  


The personal growth from a week of intense training is just as important as the physical growth.  My hope as I take on my newest journey, Mind Body & Sole, is that I afford today's newest generation of tap dancers that same community; but also, love and respect for the art and themselves.


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